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A clothes dryer fire is one of the major causes of home fires in the US. In 2010, more than 17000 homes were burnt thanks to fires started by this appliance. This caused home owners more than $95,000,000 in damages. Hassle free dryer vent cleaning services in Santa Clarita.

Our dryer vent cleaning company is a vital part of your home maintenance and fire safety enhancement. It is recommended that you clean your dryer at least once annually in order to remove lint that collects at the vent pipe clogging it. In case you haven’t noticed, most dryers cause fire because they are not cleaned properly.

So how do dryer’s cause fire?
25% of lint that is produced during cloth drying ends up in the dryer vent pipe. This is where it accumulates over time blocking the flow of air and thus resulting in excessive heat build up which triggers the fire outbreak.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Contractors Santa Clarita
We use various equipments during vent cleaning exercise. Steel coil rod with nylon bristles and is capable of traversing the bottom of your vent with a single swipe. This equipment is ideal for scrapping lint that is trapped deep in the dryer. Spiral cut double wide brush is designed for lint that is lodged at the entrance of the vent. Lint brush on the other hand is perfect for clearing lint that is trapped in the deep dark areas of the vent. Depending on the nature of cleaning required manhattan dryer vent cleaning has the right equipment that will guarantee exceptional output.

You need to consider cleaning your dryer vent and A/C vents as often as you can especially when your dryer has a longer vent. We provide quality dryer cleaning services in Santa Clarita area. Be sure to contact them for quality servicing of your equipment.

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